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Our Special Offer

Special Offer

 Special Occasion Packages

Barefoot Beach  Camp  awaits to spoil you.  Suddenly you are on the coast of Africa- just a short distance from Malindi town on the golden beach also known as Spiaggia Dorata where the sea is breath taking, the sandy beach shimmer gold and the ocean shores are surrounded by sand dunes, trees and bushes. Here lies Barefoot Beach Camp with its modern twist to a safari in Kenya only by the sea. Experience the freedom and flexibility of this paradise whilst quietly absorbing the peace and beauty. Our attitude is “come relax and we will do the rest!” Let the Indian Ocean breeze sweep through your hair, and massage your thoughts in a peaceful arena of blues, greens and golden colours.

We give you a friendly  home away from home experience, “perfect for two” Barefoot Beach Camp gives you your special time together with a modern twist of an inside out experience. A feast for your senses.

Special services for special occasions:-

Honeymooners, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Confidential Marriage Proposal

and Special Celebrations

Special Requests for African Night

Our African-themed night is becoming very popular at Barefoot.  On the Kenyan coast – we transform your night to an exciting and unusual concept of dinner.  In the midst of bush and beach you feast on delicious and nutritious fresh food cooked by Eddie. All your senses will be stimulated. After your feast, you will be treated to dynamic performances by the Giriama tribal dancers, undulating in mesmerising patterns of rhythm and hues to the pulsating beat of coastal drums.  

When, reluctantly, your night ends, you will find yourself craving for more of magnificent Africa.

Team Building Activities

Stahili Barefoot—Ultimate Survivor is just one of Barefoot creative flairs. We work with you the corporate company with Kenyan hospitality. Barefoot will put together the team building project and we are also open to ideas from you. Companies participate together or create groups within their company to create a team building project. We work out logistics and the activities and the best team wins. For every project that takes place at Barefoot we will set aside a percentage of the profits for the community living around us, be it the schools, a well or growing crops.

Day events include breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day. We look forward to partnering with you.

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